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Lundi, Décembre 9, 2013

Message from Santa Claus.


"I the father in Christmas I thank you"

         Gift from the brotherhood of the Lamb: message from Santa Claus

         How could I not exist, my children?
         How could I not be when I'm your creation? You have thought me, thus created. How can I not be true? This is nonsense.
         How could I, too, not be divine as you are yourself? How I, creation of your divine souls, could I not be divine and truth? This is nonsense.
         How myself and the spirit with me can we not exist as it is you who have given us a body? How I, Father in Christmas, can I not be as you are my divine creators? This is still nonsense.

        Thus, in this day of grace, me, the light entity you call Santa Claus, I salute you, my children. I wish you a Merry Christmas, me Father in Christmas.
        I get your thoughts and intentions of your letters by the hundreds of thousands every year, since so many time, my children.
        So allow me this year a letter on my behalf, from us all! I am not alone, your creation is perfect. The people including myself, always the fruit of your creation (so truth to truth) is huge, simple and good.
         My world is perfect, it is in peace, love and harmony.


         I can also say that I am your creation coming straight from your children’s desire, I am your creation called by your child's heart.

          Do not we say often that you create what you think? I confirm it by my presence in my Presence.
         This desire is expressed and expressed itself into the form that you have given me. So, yes, I am this very round old fellow dressed in red. Yes, I am the kindness incarnated. Yes, I have a place of residence. Yes, I travel through the air on my sleigh when the time comes, and know that all of my friends the reindeers greet you.
         But beyond this and those aspects that can now raise a smile to everyone, truly, I say to you, I love myself.


         I love what you have created. I love my form, that you have given me. I love my background, that you have given me.
         I deeply love the mission you have entrusted me. I love working with my friends the elves, male and female, along with Mother in Christmas.
         I love to hear the voice of your child's heart, that of wish.
         I love the world you created. In me and around me. On behalf of your child's heart.
         This is what I came to tell you. This is one of the topics of my letter. So I say thank you to you all, thank you to each and everyone, thank you to you the child, thank you to you the adult, because for you also in your heart, I know, I remain forever what I am: Santa Claus.
          I say thank you, because I know the source from which I arise and the people to which I belong.
          I am touched to be the fruit of your childhood, I am touched to be an expression of your child's heart.


To serve you in the role you have given me is a humble and simple glory.
         My being is honored because your child's heart is simple, good and beautiful. What am I saying? Grandiose!
         Moreover, in my eyes, you never leave this quality. Ever!
         Whether you are, as you say, seven or seventy-seven years old. Because, in front of me, your eyes are immutably of the child. Always and forever.
         Yes, whoever you may be, when I'm in front of you, I say it loud and clear, your eyes, windows of your soul are inseparably those of your inner child.

         Perhaps this is the magic of Christmas, as you say! Maybe this magic, precisely now, may actually be permanent... This is also one of the topics of my letter to you.
         Perhaps are you invited to welcome and accept each moment of your life in the same state of heart, mind therefore, that you give yourself for Christmas.
         Maybe what I'm deep inside and what I represent in truth, that is to say the energy of Gift, is in authenticity still present in your daily life that God does, as you say.
         It may even have always been the case, my children. However, me Father in Christmas, I tell you, it has always been and always will be.
          I invite you, as a first step from my world, to accept and embrace each day as a gift from God, then, in a second one, to allow yourself to live your own gifts.
         Allow yourself the gifts of life.
          I represent the gift that, one day, a child has made to himself. His heart has thought of it, this is how I was created and I grew up, supported by all of you.

         But, in my turn, I offer you a gift, you can dispose of it.


         So I tell you from my very old round man’s heart to the child's heart: dare to live the gifts of providence place on your way, dare to live the gift of life.
         You do not have to deserve your gifts. Never before. Never today. Never tomorrow. And your child's heart/truth, in his absolute divinity, knows.
        Of course, Christmas time is not the time of my visit, it is symbolically and concretely a more vast and infinite moment, but it is also the time of my visit.
        I remind you once again, I am the proud fruit of your creation.


        Of course, also, that the expression I take for each of you is free!
        It belongs to you and even, somehow, this form you give is no longer me, because it already belongs to you the second you choose how you are going to deal with my energy, with the expression of my being.

        I am the fruit of your joint creation, but what you choose to do with me, to image, is the result of your individual creation.
        I like very deeply and divinely this difference nuance.
       Maybe have you also created me, from your child's heart, to remind you how you did not have to deserve the gifts of life, of your life.
       A child does not ask if he deserves a gift, he wants... or not. He commands it... or not.

       Thank you for the gift you have given me, on giving me birth thanks to your child's heart desires.
       Thank you for having created all around me this wonderful world, and finally, somewhere, I can say that thanks to you all I live in paradise.
        I may be the energy of the gift, but the one you gave me is just as great. You gave me life.

        You gave me the gift of life, not only of life but of a good life, a life of ease and harmony with all those around me, as well as Mother Chrismas.

        So, my children, dare.
        Give yourself the gift of divine providence, your divine providence, because in truth I tell you it is the time when I come down with my hood to serve you.
        None is forgotten.
        My children, dare it all.
        Dare up to the highest heaven.
        Dare, on earth as in heaven.

        Your obedient servant
        Santa Claus

       Father in Christmas by the brotherhood of the Lamb

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