Mardi, Juillet 10, 2018

The book " The Emmanuelle on Earth as in Heaven" will be available at the end of September in version and paper version

Lien vers le nouveau site (en cours de finition). Link for the new website

Nouveau lien pour la maison d'édition "Les cœurs de Lions".

 Greeting to all of you.


"The Lion's Hearts" and I are ready to take a big leap of faith , and are proud to announce the publication of the book in English from France.

It will be available in its paper version and in an E.Book version.

Purchases will be made directly through the publisher's website and payment will be made via paypal.

I will soon post all the necessary informations for the various links.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who come visit my website for messages in English. 
Coming from all over the ...


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