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Message from emmanuelle.

 Message from emmanuelle.




Greeting to all of you.


Today is my 46th birthday. I’m taking this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to all of you that were born on July 16.

Happy birthday my friends!!!!


But this is not the only purpose of my message.


I am looking for a publishing company that publishes in English.

The book in its English version is ready, it has been translated from the French version. But now I need an English partner .


While I received the book in French, I have not stopped telling myself , "You have this book available  in English", simply because English is the most used language in the world.


The book must be in English for me because I was American in my last life, because I was American , in Salt Lake city 4 life ago.

I was a GI in 1944.

A volunteer after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

My name was John, I died in the streets of Berlin in 1945 at the age of 26 years old.

I know since I was 4.

My corps was the 3 rd Battalion of the  157th Regiment of the 45th Infantry division of the US 7th Army.

It is about the first American company which discovered concentration camps in Germany.

It is about the company which discovered camps of Dachau.

This experience was the most difficult life that I had on this Earth.

The boat that I was on to cross the Atlantic to go to France was named the USS ALABAMA.


I’m an particularly attached to the land of America.


But I’m also focused on the English soil because of my Ancestors.

My Great grandfather was English, from London.

I went when I was 14, it's a wonderfull country.


Just as I am very attached to the land of India  by some of my past lives.


Although I am now French, I am deeply committed to the English language.


Here we go my English, American , Indian  friends or Friends from anywhere, the call is initiated.



I wish to send all my greetings to the Tibet and to the Tibetan nation.





I also send a message from the book to the Native America land, I send to her all my love.







I am neither the first nor the last one
I am

Message from the Wise in me, as in each of you, man and woman


Message from God/Goddess who is me, as each of you,

 man and woman




Good morning to all of you, dear brothers, good evening to you all, dear sisters.
       Sincerely receive my deepest and most vibrant greetings in peace, love and harmony.
       Receive greetings from the old man that I am, receive greetings from the old woman that I am.
       Then, for my divine pleasure and, because it is an honor, not for you but truly for me, a divine honor, receive the greetings of love from my nation regarding this earth.
       The one I wear in all my cells.
       I greet you from my soul and my Amerindian land.

      On my behalf, my experiences in the most perfect harmony took place on the land of the Americas among my brothers and sisters Redskins.


         But my love for the earth and all its parts, remains intact and unchanged.

         I keep for this piece of land and its Native American children, so all of you, a number of great memories. Admittedly, I have known War and wars, but I have also experienced the Peace and peaces.
        These experiments were, for me, what I call in my own jargon: lives of fifth element.

        These experiments were, for me, times when I lived as a divine being, as a guest of the divine land, as a guest in the divine earth. I lived in the center and by the other four elements, I lived from the water, the fire, the earth and the air in the most total surrender to heaven.

        I tell you, we lacked nothing.

        I was talking to the animals and so they did. I was talking with the beings who lived in the forests, I especially loved fairies and elves.
       We listened to the wild rush of the wind and the spirits of the water, we listened to the morning hymn as it was telling us about our past and future night.
       We conversed with the stars, they were a reminder of our own house and our intrinsic quality: "I am a daughter and a son of the stars." We are children of the stars, you are children of the stars.
       We talked frankly with the Great Spirit Wanka Tanka who would answer us. We formed only one. We were One.

        I'm here to tell you that you know your world is dying. But what was saying your ancestors at the king's death, the time when kings and queens were your experiences?

         "The king is dead. Long live the King!"


         So I say to you:


         "The world is dead. Long live the world!"

         Because of chaos comes renewal.

         I'm here just to tell you that this new world which we speak about is not new.
         It is a world from your reunion with yourself. One cannot find what one already have, one can not find that one which is already. Otherwise, it is not a reunion, but finds.

         Yet, you are not trying to find your divinity, because it is already yours, you are regaining your divinity as yours, ours.
         It is the air that is played here and now in the breath of time. Your reunion is in tune with the times, in the area of ​​time, in the era of time.
         So you, all men and women, know very well this new world, because in truth it is only a former, former in the sense that you have already experienced life in Peace, Love and Harmony.
         You know what peace, love and harmony, as you were them. So be confident and in your faith for this linear present and future that come to you.

         I'm here to tell you that I made the choice to come on this wonderful planet which is the earth, just as each of you. I will not have missed it for anything.
         I'm here to tell you: if you knew how the waiting list for those who wish to come on Gaia is long! Let me tell you that the life experiences in the womb and with the saint Mother/Father Gaia are among the most intense of the entire universe.
        The experience of the soul in matter is of a never ending wealth.

        I would like to remind you how beautiful and unique it is to feel the wind run on the skin, feel the water flowing into the mouth, to laugh or cry, feel the warmth of the sunrays on the body and to feel the cool water of the river wrapping you with all its sweetness.

       How it is so sweet to be able to feel the caresses on the curves of the body, how wonderful it is to feel the touch, on the mouth, of the sweet and tender kiss from the beloved.
       If you knew that how to feel is the lesson. The energy To Feel is a teacher of the first order. Feel is infinitely rich, it is a lesson received into your flesh and blood, not to mention your mind.

       Feel pain, when you have chosen, is a great opportunity. It is sometimes the way to understand how your human vehicle, your body is precious.
       On the way of reunion, to live on earth is only meeting great circumstances. Wonderful and divine opportunities are given to us, through the incarnation on the planet of the Feeling, to learn again.

        Be the trinity flesh-blood- spirit is a gift of Father and Mother.


        These  reasons and their reasons participated in your will and your choice to incarnate for the great time that this plan is going to know.
         These reasons, simple and bare, attended my will and my choice to incarnate for this wonderful moment that this plan is going to know.
        Unpretentious, I will say that, like you, my soul is very old. Just like you, I went through the valleys and plains of many worlds, the universe is even larger than in your wildest imagination.
        I think I can even tell you that there is not one world full of different worlds, but a multitude of universes filled with a multitude of different worlds.
        There is not a Father and a Mother God, there are divine Fathers and Mothers ...


          Be Father and Mother does not only mean that we have children, but it also means that you are oneself child of...

          I sailed with a blooded heart in many oceans and in many galaxies, strong of my sorrows and my revenge, weak of my angers or my furies.
        I walked, riding my friend the dragon, a thousand lands, the soul in peace, joy, glee and service.
         Always strong and weak of my rages or my reassurances, in many lands I waged war with the sword of war in hand, my blood flowed like a river probably distraught.
        The water of all my baptisms came sometimes from feathery lands and all, from lights of the light; others, on the contrary, came from a heavier den and all, from lights of the shade.

But now, since this here and now, I tell you that I am proud, divinely proud of me. I relearned that whatever the expression that takes the light, her divinity is immutable, immeasurable and inalienable. Everything involved in this Universe is made with the express consent of the divine.
         So I have, over time, learned to love just as divinely this part I refused because I had forgotten. I relearned to love the light of the shade.

         Today, this shadow, I honor, I bless and I welcome it. Then I let it know it is not mine and therefore I release it with love and in love, both for me and for her.
          For today, this shadow, I know it's mine and I told it that I love it with all my divine. This is how I honor myself with all my pitfalls, my dark madness, my forgetfulness, my blow of glare, for my mistakes, because, in fact, they never were.
         I honor my arm which so often found himself, by my own choice, armed with my sword of  war in the name of my illusions, I know it now.

I also honor my arm which so often found himself wearing his sword of peace.
         All these adventures were and are the simple and bare fruit of my choices of experimentation.
         Through each experience, I've never stopped growing or being on the road that would take me back to what I've never left, that we never left, because we are one and many, the path that would take me back to the Source, to my Source.
          If you knew how I could be struck by lightning, as lightning calcinate, by my pain, my doubts, my fears and my coldest sweats, my rebellion.
          But with time, you might say, I began to regain my senses to be there, in front of you. Face to you to tell you that on the path of reunion with my senses, I found some of my truths, simply my truths.

          I am the son and daughter of the Most High, I am truly the Divine in experience whatever world I visit.
          Whatever world I visit, I am at the heart of the heavenly and the perfect, in the heart of Heavenly and Perfect.
          I am the first, be the last. I am the last, so the first. I am neither the first nor the last. I am.

 I am the greatest, so the smallest. I am the smallest, so the greatest. I am neither tall nor short. I am.
          I'm not alone, I've never been, because the divine is everywhere, in everything and for everything. I'm not alone, I've never been, the imagination of Mother and Father is almighty, omniscient and omnipotent. I'm not its only creation, a multitude of other beings walks by my side, all imbued with the same love for the divine service.

          I realized that the evil was my pain, that my evil was my pains, then that my ailments were the result of my illusory forgetfulness.
          To find an image and do a bit of humor, I tell you, I forgot that I had chosen to forget!


The situation is rather comical.
          I realized that my pain ought not to oppose my good any longer, I realized that my good ought not to oppose my bad any longer. When I say to oppose, I speak in terms of separation..
         I proposed and I continue to offer my good to welcome my evil and the fruit of his misunderstandings. I proposed and I continue to offer to my pain to let go in the hollow of my good, so there it will finally be loved, so healed.
         I proposed and I continue to offer my good to recognize his evil, so to meet again.
         Over time, I remembered that this evil was my bad. I remembered that – if it existed well outside to the point that with strength, havoc and courage I rarely fought sword in its sheath – it was because I let it live with me on behalf of guilt, doubt, anger, rebelliousness, submission, on behalf of my fears and my coldest sweats ... on behalf of my beliefs.


         Over time, with love and patience I learned to ask this bad to change domicile.
          I learned to accompany it, with the greatest love and the greatest respect, to the somewhere else of his choice, not rejecting, but recognizing it as mine, and giving a hand and a heart populated with compassion.

         Because, over time, I started and I still recover my mind, my spirit, my truth, my truths. Thanks to my reunion, I realized that my pain was not only my bad, it was my good as well.
        This is a reality of our illusions: to remember no longer that evil is our property, to remember no longer that evil is also your property.
         Hence the importance of not ignoring it.

         So, dear brothers and sisters, that I wanted to tell you. And I came to tell you.


         For that you have my truth, because it is my truth.
         Be the elf, fairy, flower, beech, grass, river water and salt water, rock and crystal, angel, archangel, the pixie, the human in the divine, the divine in the human.
         The list could be so long.
         Every being of this earth, regardless of the reign he visits is a part of you as we are one.

         I dance on that day, even though I am an old man, even though I'm an old woman.. I dance and intone with all my friends the dance and song of joy and happiness.
         I dance and sing with the Universe the dance and song of our reunion, of your reunion in peace, love and harmony.

         Shhh! Be silent in your heart, open your eyes and listen.
         Silence and feasts in your heart.

Peace, love and harmony for all of us, Brethren.

        To serve you.

        The Emmanuelle and the Emmanuel






My point of contact is lemmanuellesurlaterre@gmail. com



Here is also the link of the messages that are already posted in English

http:// lemmanuellesurlaterrecommeauxc entry_id=1417606840 (for this message, the English version is after the French.)

Land of America, England , India and elsewhere, I love you and I salute you .


I embrace you with all my heart from my 46th year, as it has been a long time since I reach this age.


I greet you all, Each and every one, and wish you a sweet day.

Let’s take care of ourselves… 



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Great Article. I think it could also be useful for everyone to know how and where to fill a form online. I mostly use PDF site to edit my PDF site. I think it also allows you to to create fillable pdfs and esign them.


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Invaluable blog post , I was fascinated by the info - Does someone know if my company could locate a sample MI FOC 115 version to work with ?


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Thanks to you for your comment, but I do not however understand your technical questions, could you explain it to me?
I send you all my greetings


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