Vendredi, Avril 20, 2018

The book " The Emmanuelle on Earth as in Heaven" will be available beginning of July version and paper version

Greeting to all of you.


Editions Les Coeurs de lion, (hearts of lion) and myself decided to make the swallow dive, it means that we are going to publish since France the book in English.

It will be available in his paper version and in a version E.Book.

Purchases will be made directly via the website of the publishing house and payment will pass in transit by paypal.


Books will be available at the beginning of July for the E.Book and in the middle of July for the paper version.

I shall come back to you to give yourselves all the useful information and all the links.


I take the opportunity of this letter to say hello and thanks to all the people who come on my website, you come everywhere, USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Isreal, Iceland, England, and it is you who gave of ...


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