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" First, I must tell you, and this is important to me that I do not understand everything.

I find this book so vast that to say "I figured it" would be, for me, a lack of infinite respect.

Disrespect for the book itself, to the beings who have expressed themselves, to you, and ultimately to myself.

And because I have the choice, I have chosen not to disrespect anyone.

So I repeat, I do not understand everything.

However, some insights have come to me, and I 'm here to share that with you.

I also want to tell you that what I will say to you is not the truth, it is my truth, which itself is only a truth from the Truth.

I think the truth is like the One, it is both one and many.

In addition and to conclude on this point, the most important for you is not my truth, but your truth.

The message of this book could be the following:

I'm Emmanuelle, a Christ incarnated on this earth.

I'm the one you call "Lamb of God."

I'm the one you call the Paraclete.

What I am was written and announced.

I am the man or the woman you call "Maitreya."

I am the divine in all my facets and from all my facets.

I am Emmanuelle, the Daughter, born of the Father through the Mother in the name of the Son.

However, expressed in this way and if it were to stop there, what I just wrote above is so completely wrong for me, and it also sounds a tune that is played here and there, so many times.

This rings a tune that will perhaps be played again.


No, this book does not say that.

This book and the Beings who expressed themselves are saying that you are each and every one, Emmanuelle and Emmanuel, the incarnate Christ in this beautiful and divine star: the planet Earth.

You are each of you--man or woman -- "the Lamb of God," you have always been.

You are the one called Paraclete.

What and those you are have been written and announced.

You are -- every man and woman-- the one called Maitreya; because in addition to being the One incarnated, you are also the inherent nature of the One, namely the multiple.

So Maitreya.

Every woman, because she is a woman is Emmanuelle, the Daughter, born of the Father through the Mother in the name of the Son, in the name of the Daughter.

Every man, because he is a man is Emmanuel, the Son from the Father through the Mother on behalf of the Daughter, in the name of the Son.

 The feminine and the masculine are both expressed in every Being. So, we can say in truth that every Being is from the Father through the Mother, in the name of the Son and the Daughter.

Then, as it has been since the dawn of Time, you are the Child, from the Father through the Mother in the name of the Son and the Daughter.

You are the divine in all its forms and from all its facets.

Consequently my first remarks above become more accurate.

At least for me.

This is my truth.

I say it.

Because you are a Christ incarnate, me too.

How could it be otherwise?

I'm not more than you, but I am no less either.

Because  you are the "Lamb of God," me too.

Because  you are the Paraclete, who was planned and announced, me too.

I'm not more than you, but I am no less.

Because you are the One incarnated so the multiple, that is to say, Maitreya, I am also Maitreya.

How could it be otherwise?

I'm not more than you, but I am no less either.

Because I am a woman, I am the daughter, Emmanuelle, born of the Father through the Mother in the name of the Daughter and the Son.

Because we have within the two expressions feminine and masculine so I am also the son, Emmanuel, born of the Father through the Mother in the name of the Son and the Daughter.

Because you are the divine in and from all his facets so I am.

I'm not more than you, but I am not less.

This book expresses something else, and I think it is also important that the awareness and acceptance of our immutable divinity regardless of our location.

This book expresses how Peace and all its concepts, in all its concepts and in all its aspects, is the absolute must for the coming time, this present time that is already under our feet and eyes, so in our world.

Inner peace is expressed as the first step to take to accept our return to ourselves.

In a message of Sananda the following was told: "If you must have a Grail, then let it be your peace."

To make image, when peace is invited (and this is that, in the so little that I understood, which means the energy of "The Emmanuelle,") and that we accept that energy in all its facets, as we do not have to deserve it, it has always been ours, then it is Love that goes into the dance, our own dance.

Then comes the follower, namely Harmony, our own harmony.

Also in the picture, this book talks about the Peace of Heaven, and being as it is in its nature, it offers  "Peace on Earth as in Heaven."

This book invites us to let go and allow this peace to come down into us and to rise, through us and from us, because it is ours again, and nobody has to deserve anything.

Peace, the liberation by peace is the master password of this book.

So the rest is up to us and the choice of accepting our Presence, our Presences.

Finally, I will offer you one of my understandings, and I repeat it, they are the expression of my truth, truth which in truth is not the truth, that duality is not only a truth, it is an experience.

Experience among others in which we are the visible from the invisible, experience in which among other things, our friends are the invisible from our visible.

But all this, because you are a master and you know it.

You are invited to accept it again and to live with all the force of your life and breath, into your cells, since the infinity of your head to the infinity of your feet.

Since the anchoring of the sky to the earth anchoring.

Since the anchoring of the earth to the anchoring of the sky.

For me, this is our mission.

This is the mission of our inner Messiah.

Being who we are from our divinity and in our divinity then enter in the World.

Many other aspects are covered in this book written along with our friends, but the discovery and the understandings belong to you.

I will just add one more thing about the unique nature of the Beings who spoke, all without exception are the Collective of the Lamb, all have experienced the earthly incarnation.

This common point is not insignificant.

I greet all of you from my Presence, since my Presences.

I welcome your Presence and your Presences, and I tell you again that I love you.

I bow before you, not by allegiance but by tribute, from my whole self.

I greet you from the truth of my being.

Since my truth, and truthfully if it should have a name, would be the sound of my own vibration: Aman.”

Emmanuelle Aman.